Things to know about: Hydrangeas

Lasting blooms.

Considered one of the most famous all seasons blooms, Hydrangeas has over 75 different presentations, being native from Asia and America, was discovered in 1771 and named hydrangea that comes from the Greek ‘Water Vessel’, other common name given to this Bloom is Hortensia, which is a latinised version of the name given by the French ‘Hortense’, honoring the french astronomer and mathematician Nicole-Reine Hortense Lepaute.

Hydrangeas have a great, rich history, these flowers can be dated back to over 23 million years ago thanks to fossils found in Asia and America. they become highly popular in Europe by 1775, when swedish naturalist Carl Peter Thunberg brought five plants from a trip to Asia.

Let’s bring down some chemistry:

For certain varieties of hydrangea, the colour of the bloom depends on the chemical components of the soil. Acidic soils will produce blue or purple flowers, whilst alkaline soils create pink or red petals. Hydrangeas also accumulate aluminum. They get aluminum from acidic soils, and form complexes in the flower that gives them their blue color.

The careful addition of sodium carbonate to the soil can produce a multicolor bloom.

So, what does that mean?

Hydrangeas have a number of meanings. This depending partly on the colour  pink represent love, sincerity, and heartfelt emotions, meanwhile blue can be a sign of gratitude, forgiveness, and understanding. Purple express a desire to get to know someone better. Funnily, during the Victorian Era as a part of a code, hydrangeas were use to criticise someone’s behavior, Receiving hydrangeas was almost universally seen as an insult back then.

Give them some water…

Hydrangeas need water, lots of them, they dehydrate easily.

You can recover a wilted hydrangea by immersing their stem in boiling water, then in cold water the petals may then be immersed for 2 hours to 1 night.

And they last…

Even Though Hydrangeas can last about 10 days in their vase, as long as are watered regularly, they can last longer when totally dried. Place them with a Little amout of water and leave alone, they’ll last months, but need to be very carefull with them.

Not very friendly

Sadly, these beautiful blooms aren’t the best choice for your pets . All parts of the plant contain amygdalin, which is toxic when ingested. However, this is unlikely to be fatal, but can cause some unpleasant symptoms. We recommend keeping these flowers away from your pet, or choosing a different bouquet if your cat or dog is particularly into snacking on flowers as  for humans Hydrangea leaves are use in the making of some teas due to it develops a sweet taste in these kind of beverages.

The Hydrangea is becoming more and more popular as a cut flower,  is an attention caller in bouquets recently more colors seems to be available on the market and also more varieties, like bicolor flowers or specialties with colored edges. Hydrangeas are beautiful on their own in a vase. they don’t need other flowers. But foliage ends up being  a good partner for them.

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