The bouquet to stand out at your wedding

The wedding and the bouquet

One of the more of important days of someone’s life it’s their wedding day and all the details that come with this day are special no matter how big or small these are. It’s a day full of magic and flowers get to have the most magical part.

Bouquets and floral arragements will always request time, patience and art sense in any occasions, even more when this special day is a wedding, flowers can be everywhere around the evento,  every single one of those flowers have a place to go and an armony to give to this special moment.

Weddings and flowers are married, think about one of them and the other will be brought right away, but even thought it feels like one is related to the other, it requires help for them to be in the right  armony. It’s highly recommended you seek help from professionals but if  you go for the big jump and do it yourself there is maybe some details you must keep in mind.

The bridal bouquet.

The firts thing you can do is to choose is your bridal bouquet, why? Well, it’s your day and once you choose the looks, the bridal party will  get a style to go by or you can get the entire color palette for the whole event to be create with it.Try to not go   all over trends so much, try to choose and use, flowers you want, keep it elegant and simple, use the flowers in season, so you can easily create back-ups of your bouquet or little arragement.

If buying a DIY wedding packages for you and your bridesmaids, keep in mind that a bridal bouquet and a bridesmaid bouquet are visibly different  in many aspects, one of them is the size a bridal bouquet is significally large, with a little more  focal flowers.


Bouquets or any floral arragement in your wedding is a complement, they should complement your looks not overtake it. In your special day you shouldn’t be fighting for attention with your flowers, so keep it small simple and elegant.


Take your time to figure out about bouquet styles and the shapes that suit you better, wedding flowers, colors, the ones in season. Do your homework you need to know what you want if you are going to a florist or your doing this by yourself.

Our wedding bouquets

Flowers carry meaning and unique styles,  part of he magic vibes flowers inspire in events is how the meanings and colors can be use to evoke the right meaning the occasions is to present. Remember flowers got a lot of differents look a likes and infinite palettes,  seasons will always have for you a huge variety of both, don’t stop yourself just because you can’t find  your favorite one around..

The wedding day and the days previous to it  are  the most stressful, try to keep it cool don’t go crazy over the small stuff, there are details you really don’t have to go over roof about it. it’s your day have fun.

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