Succulents, the main character.


These beautiful plants come in a huge amount of variety shapes, colors, sizes and have become an increasingly popular decoration element inside homes, offices and also being great elements outside in a garden. thanks to their fleshy composition succulents tend to retain water, storage it and distribute it in the way it would allow the plant to survive.

1. What do I need to keep in mind while I’m taking care of my succulents?

  • Light.
  • Watering.
  • Pots and Drainage.
  • Soil.

Even if these plants can suvive certain harsh environments, it really helps them to grow healty be indoors.

Succulents  generally withstand between 4ºC to 5ºC on average. While succulents can survive in harsh climates, they will have a healthy growth if they are place indoors. They need a lot of natural light, but it is important that they receive it indirectly. As an example  if they are place by window, in a room that is  naturally lit or in a gallery.

1. Light:

Succulents love light and they are in need of at least six hours per day depending of the type of succulent. A newly pot succulent can get scorch with direct sun light so it’s recommended for them to be introduce to the light slowly. If your succulents are place by windows they need to rotate in their spot so all sides of the plant get the same amount of light.


2. Watering:

these plants requests different
amounts of water according to the season,
during spring and summer
succulents will be requesting a lot more
watering because they need to be
water at least once a week, than fall and
Winter, only once a month , the best way to know if yours are in
need of water is by testing the dryness of
the soil,

  • Always water directly on the soil.
  • Allow the soil to dry beteween waterings.

Overwatering can lead succulents to dead,
also do not water them while the sun is
in it’s brighter times (around noon),
they can be watered very early in the
morning or at night.

3. Pots and drainage:

Succulents pots must allow the roots to breath, It is recomend for them to be repot in pots made of breathy materials such as clay or plastic with drain holes it is also recommended for them no to be repot in glass containers such as jars or terrariums, this type of container does not let the plants roots to breath, the plant will be overstoraging water and the roots will rot.

4. Soil:

These plants tend to be pot in very rich soil that retains must of the moisture and it  also needs a soil that allows a good drainage, one of the must recommended soils to use with succulents is Catus soil or normal potting soil mix with sand, pumice or perlite. Succulents roots are very delicate so the need to be place in a very loose pot mix.

Note: keep in mind that the sand require is gardening sand available in nurseries.

Succulents don’t need to be fertilize, but giving them light feeding of fertilize during sprint and summer will be very helpfull on their growing season, but only in very Little amounts due to big portions will make the plant to grow fast but weak.

Thanks to their very cute looks, low maintenance and adaptability succulents have become one of the most common plants you can find indoors, for succulents owners overwatering and inffections such as sooty or grey mold, Crown and roots rot are most common death cause in succulents.but all of this can be prevent with the right cares.

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